RAMDisk Support Center - General FAQs

I am unable to configure a 128GB RAMDisk that I need, and 64GB is not large enough.
Up to 128GB capacity requires the purchase of a Commercial RAMDisk license.

I am unable to configure multiple RAMDisks, which is a problem for me.
Only one instance of RAMDisk per system is possible.

I am unable to automate the install process, which is required in my environment.
You must follow the step-by-step install process to successfully enable RAMDisk.

I am unable to save the image of my paging file, which I thought would be possible.
A page file is best left in main memory and controlled by the O/S for swapping. For a boost of page and swap performance, consider increasing the size of your system main memory by adding more RAM.

I am unable to run RAMDisk from a command line using arguments.
RAMDisk is designed to be used as a GUI.


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