The right IT infrastructure drives an organization's ability to grow, change and innovate. Dataram provides a comprehensive set of IT products and services designed to process large amounts of data to support an infrastructure capable of keeping costs low and productivity high.



DRAM modules available in various form-factors, technologies, capacities, voltages, and speeds.

Enterprise-Grade DRAM Modules: Server-grade original (OEM) and compatible memory for enterprise servers, workstations and data center environments.


Industrial-Grade DRAM Modules: Dataram's industrial products easily handle the harsh conditions of sea, ground, air and space. They tolerate a wider temperature range than current commercial standards and are resistant to moisture, corrosive substances, dirt and dust, shocks and vibrations.

Consumer-Grade DRAM Modules: Compatible memory for laptops, desktops, and printers.


Performance oriented, stable, efficient and low-power consuming solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) available in multiple capacities, interfaces, and form factors.

Enterprise-Grade Drives: Enterprise storage products for a variety of data-intensive environments, ranging from low-density, costeffective embedded to client and performance-class storage needs.

Industrial-Grade Drives: Industrial-class storage products designed to withstand challenging environments and survive the toughest conditions where increased endurance and reliability are critical. Products are designed to operate in environments where temperature, altitude and humidity are extreme.

Consumer-Grade Drives: Consumer-class storage products for laptops and desktops.

Network Components

Networking Products Scalable and cost-effective enterprise grade products that support desktop client to server connectivity to include ethernet adapter cards, networking transceivers, cables and more.

Technical Services

Enterprise IT Asset Disposition (ITAD): Assistance in decommissioning IT assets securely and responsibly while reducing downtime and maximizing your financial benefits.

Integration/Installation Services (IIS): Help installing and integrating our products into your IT environment. When combined with our technical procurement services, ISS frees your resources to focus on higher value efforts.

Technical Procurement Services: Strategic, tactical and operational purchasing and supply management services through our technical sourcing expertise. Category-specific services include demand management, sourcing strategies, value chain and supplier relationship management.

RAMDisk Software

RAMDisk uses part of your excess system memory as a disk drive. A RAMDisk is orders of magnitude faster than other forms of storage media, such as an SSD (up to 100X) and HDD (up to 200X).