Enterprise Server Memory Products

For mid-to large-size companies
Dataram provides compatible server memory for leading brands including HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Intel and AMD. Finding the best memory configuration and upgrade for your system is just a few clicks away with our Memory Selector.

Value Memory Products

For small businesses and consumers
Dataram's Value Memory, based on industry-standard specifications, is backed by the same quality and reliability Dataram customers have known for 50 years. More...


High-Quality Software

Dataram offers high-quality companion software products designed to leverage your investment in technology while optimizing the performance of your data center and application suite.

Strategic Business Partner

Dataram is your strategic business partner in optimizing performance in your data center and introducing measurable reductions in expenses.

Enterprise Memory Solutions for CIOs

Today’s CIOs are faced with the challenge of operating under reduced or constrained IT budgets, yet missioned with initiatives such as lowering transaction/product costs for key operating units, delivering enhanced profitability to the organization and more competitive pricing to your customers.

Dataram can introduce immediate and substantial cost of computing reductions while also enhancing the quality of service delivered through the IT organization. Let us prove to you how substantial cost reductions can be realized quickly and transparently.