Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Competition for oil reserves has never been fiercer. The exploration, discovery and recovery of oil and gas reserves involve processing massive mounts of data for interpreting, visualizing, estimating and modeling reserves. Just one oil field can generate terabytes of data per day.

Managing such masses of data and providing the capability to integrate, assimilate and act on real-time information across your enterprise is critical to your operation. As profitable petroleum reserves continue to become harder to find, how can your company reduce costs – and improve the efficiency and performance of your data systems?

Your success depends on advanced servers and workstations configured to run complex simulations – and Dataram’s high-capacity memory solutions. Dataram memory speeds the visualization associated with significant volumes of information so you can make intelligent and timely decisions.

Dataram can also help you maximize your return from existing reservoirs. Our memory solutions provide the performance boost that enables your applications to improve information sharing, sensing, monitoring and data capture.

Dataram memory has been deployed in critical applications for the oil and gas industry all over the world, including:

  • Visualization, modeling and estimating
  • Data mining
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Supply chain optimization
  • “Intelligent oil fields” solutions
  • Production management
  • Retail gasoline solutions

As retail gasoline margins continually shrink, remaining competitive becomes increasingly challenging – and reducing operating costs becomes ever more critical. Choosing Dataram’s high-capacity memory solutions – including 8GB-capacity DIMMs – can reduce your enterprise memory expenditures by 50% or more compared to procuring memory from system manufacturers. And all Dataram memory is backed with a lifetime warranty and free technical support.

Isn’t it time that you demand Dataram memory products for all your enterprise servers? To find out more, contact us.