Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies depend on research and development to stay competitive – and a lack of computing power can seriously impact productivity and chances for success.

Dataram understands the critical research needs of companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical/health care industries. Our high-performance memory products provide the computing power and reliability you need to accelerate and expand your research activities. Dataram memory can help reduce the time, effort and expense required to capture, compile and analyze data, leveraging your computing capacity to speed up drug discovery and other research projects.

Dataram specializes in high-capacity memory solutions that support computationally-intensive applications, including:

  • Drug discovery systems
  • Genomic applications
  • Clinical data management (CDM) systems
  • Safety systems
  • Clinical trial management systems
  • Laboratory information management systems
  • Computer aided molecular design (CAMD) systems
  • Clinical genome mining applications
  • Data mining applications for cheminformatics and bioinformatics data
  • Computational drug discovery applications

Most importantly, Dataram memory solutions make it possible to reduce costs without sacrificing server reliability or availability.

A Dataram memory specialist can show you how to optimize your critical support systems and significantly reduce expenses at the same time. Contact us to find out more.