Financial Services

Financial Services

The global economy and fierce competition are driving the need for more robust and cost effective solutions in applications such as market analytics, real-time securities trading, trade processing, data mining, and others.

These market drivers are particularly strong in the financial industry, where high-volume transaction-processing networks provide the critical infrastructure for pre-trade decision support, order entry and execution, and post-trade clearing and settlement.

To accomplish real-time processing of millions of securities transactions, financial services firms are increasingly maximizing their system memory as a standard infrastructure component in real-time transaction processing and application integration to enhance performance.

Dataram offers memory solutions for a wide variety of platforms including HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Fujitsu, Cisco and Dell servers. Our memory provides enhanced performance for financial services applications, enabling our customers to:

  • Execute more transactions in less time
  • Quickly respond to customer inquiries
  • Expand internal and external service offerings
  • Improve profitability
  • Contain rising infrastructure costs
  • Gain competitive advantage via advanced IT infrastructure

Many financial institutions depend on relational and custom databases for trading, clearing, banking, purchasing and other online transactions. In these applications where time and availability is everything, a high level of transaction activity and limited system capability can hamper performance.

In general, servers typically deal with many concurrent requests for data. Relying on delivery of data from hard disk drives in a typical storage system is a slow solution. For maximum performance, as much of the database as is physically possible should be cached in the main memory to enable maximum transaction rates.

For the most cost-effective memory solutions, choose Dataram memory for your database server at the very beginning of the planning and procurement cycle. We recommend that Buy the database servers with the minimum complement of OEM memory and then fill all available memory slots with the largest capacity memory modules currently available from Dataram.

Dataram memory provides many performance enhancements and benefits, including:

  • Server efficiency
  • Server consolidation
  • Faster response times
  • Meet service level requirements for real-time access
  • Reduce cost of ownership of transactions

A Dataram memory specialist can help you determine the right memory options for your financial
database servers. To find out more, contact us.