Information Services

High-Performance Memory and Storage Solutions

Lowering Your Total Cost of Computing & Optimizing Data Center Assets

A key challenge for Information Service (IS) Providers is controlling costs while meeting the commitments made to your customer for economy, performance, reliability, availability, security, scalability and quality of service.

Some key commitments are:

• Ensuring the services are less expensive than in-house
• The anticipated savings are realized
• The service level agreed on is met and the quality of service is at a high level

As IS Providers, you search for the highest quality infrastructure at the lowest cost in order to meet the demanding cost and service expectations of your customers. 

Dataram products and services solve the unique demands of the Information Services Industry:

For companies competing within the Information Services industry, Dataram understands that managing the performance, optimization and cost effectiveness of your IT assets has a direct impact on the success and profitability of your business. Dataram can prove to be a valuable business partner in your quest to deliver high performance to your customers, while ensuring you are leveraging your IT assets.

Dataram also understands that your products and services are being directly delivered through these IT assets, and as a result, your ability to maximize performance at the lowest possible cost establishes a competitive advantage and enhances profitability.

For over 40 years, our memory and storage products have been successfully deployed in mission critical corporate, government agency and Department of Defense data centers around the globe. When used in conjunction with our world class services, Dataram delivers unbeatable value to your company to support measurable growth.


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