What is RAMDisk?

RAMDisk is a program that takes a portion of your system memory and uses it as a disk drive. The more RAM your computer has, the larger the RAMDisk you can create.

What is the benefit?

In a word: SPEED! The performance of a RAMDisk, in general, is orders of magnitude faster than other forms of storage media, such as an SSD (up to 100X) and hard drive (up to 200X).
You can download RAMDisk for free!

Most users use RAMDisk to speed up applications like:

- Games
Browser cache for faster web surfing
Audio and Video editing
- CAD programs
Software compilers
- Databases
- Speeding up CD duplication
- SETI processing
- TEMP files
- Swap space
- Web server cache
Security - all information can be wiped upon power loss or shutdown
- Custom applications with high I/O, high bandwidth, or high security requirements

An additional feature of a RAMDisk is that it will never wear out. You can access it at maximum bandwidth 24/7/365 without fear of mechanical failure, or fragmentation (while a RAMDisk can become fragmented just like any other disk, but it does not take a performance hit like a physical disk does when it becomes fragmented). A RAMDisk operating at maximum bandwidth does not produce excessive heat, noise or vibrations. RAMDisk can also out-perform solid state disks (SSDs).

YouTube video: Set up a RAMDisk and Make Your Computer 415% Faster!!

RAMDisk Extreme unlocks the freeware and enables features such as Background Update. This option greatly reduces time to shut down RAMDisk by keeping the RAMDisk backed up continuously. This is also great for data protection as the RAMDisk *.img file is as up to date as possible at any given time. Get yours today!  For personal use only.


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Professional-Grade Software for Business. Dataram RAMDisk, with over 2 million installs and climbing, is the software of choice for datacenter applications. Never sacrifice reliability for performance. Dataram RAMDisk has been in the market for over 14 years and is in use globally at thousands of enterprise sites. Licenses start at just $39 USD.


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RAMDisk Lite - Up to 12 GB!

RAMDisk Lite is perfect if you don't have a lot of RAM in your PC or laptop.  Get all the same features and functions found in the Extreme version and create RAMDisk drives up to 12 GB.  Option to upgrade to 64 GB in the future.  For personal use only.


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RAMDisk is offered as "freeware" for personal use and will allow you to create disks up to 1 GB in size. Some features not enabled and require the purchase of a license key to be enabled. For personal use only. "100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia"



     Hardware Requirements: Any Intel or AMD-based x86 system with at least 2 GB RAM (at least 4 GB recommended).
     O/S Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows Server. Sorry, no support for Linux or Mac.
     RAMDisk will be limited to approximately 2.85 GB maximum with 32-bit Windows OS.


RAMDisk Support Center

We've got more tutorials and the answers to your most common questions about RAMDisk to quickly get you on your way. If you can't find an answer to your question, our Support Team is ready to help.

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