Professional-Grade Software for the Datacenter

Dataram RAMDisk, with over 2 million installs and climbing, is the software of choice for datacenter applications. 

Never sacrifice reliability for performance. Dataram RAMDisk has been in the market for over 13 years and is in use globally at thousands of enterprise sites. 

Enterprise data is widely known to be highly fractured and randomized. It suffers tremendous performance issues when coupled with mechanical drives, and even flash disks do not completely remove bottlenecks.

Dataram RAMDisk outperforms flash disks by a factor of 10.

Dataram RAMDisk is the most secure RAMDisk software available — with exclusive background load and background update features, your data is as secure as possible while still enjoying a 10x performance gain over flash disks.




Enterprise Applications

RAMDisk is particularly effective with the following enterprise applications:

  • Database
  • Virtualization
  • Thin-Client Server
  • Business Intelligence
  • Scientific Data Processing
  • Mail Servers such as Exchange


The commercial version of RAMDisk is supported on Intel or AMD-based system with at least 512MB RAM. Dataram RAMDisk is compatible with all versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (x86 and x64), all editions of Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64), all editions of Windows server 2008 and 2012 (GUI) (x86 and x64).

Commercial Licenses are available for purchase online using our ecommerce shopping cart below. Choose between workstation users or the number of servers deployed.

The Commercial Licenses allow for RAMDisk capacities up to 64 GB.

Concerning the licensing and use of RAMDisk in a virtualized environment, if your Virtualized Server is Windows based, RAMDisk will run on it and you can create one RAMDisk and allocate it to VMs like any other storage device within the Virtualized Server. In this case, you would need a single-server commercial license. If you need individual versions of RAMDisk running on each Windows virtual machine, you would need a license for each, which would be 'x' number of commercial workstation licenses.


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Offline Purchase

Please use the link below if you:

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  • intend to integrate RAMDisk into a commercial product which you sell
  • are a commercial or government entity and have questions regarding RAMDisk or need to discuss other procurement options

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Some of our satisfied commercial customers:

ChevronTexaco • IBM • Siemens Group • Deutsche Bank • Hitachi • Sony • Boeing • Toshiba • Dell Inc. • NEC • Fujitsu • AT&T • Lockheed Martin • Intel Corp • Philips Group • Northrop Grumman • Nokia • Motorola • Sprint • Cisco Systems • Raytheon • McDonald's • General Dynamics • Eastman Kodak • BAE Systems • Computer Sciences • Rolls-Royce • Fidelity National Financial • EMC Corp • Agilent Technologies • Rockwell Automation • Qualcomm • Guidant