RAMDisk Version Releases

Hardware Requirements: Any Intel or AMD-based x86 system with at least 2 GB RAM.
O/S Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (x86 and x64), all editions of Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64), all editions of Windows server 2008 (x86 and x64). Sorry, no support for Linux or Mac.

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Current Version V4.4.0.RC36 Released February 10, 2016:
Changes in V4.4.0.RC36:
- Updated support Library
- Minor fixes implemented

Version V4.4.0.RC34 Released July 29, 2015:
Changes in V4.4.0.RC34:
- Support for Windows 10
- Updated user's Manual

Version V4.4.0.RC33 Released March 9, 2015:
Changes in V4.4.0.RC33:
- Minor fixes implemented

Version V4.4.0.RC32 Released July 22, 2014:
Changes in V4.4.0.RC32:
- Minor fixes implemented

Version V4.4.0.RC31 Released April 15, 2014:
Changes in V4.4.0.RC31:
- Minor fixes implemented
- Space reserved for OS increased to 1GB from 600MB
- Updated user's manual

Version V4.4.0.RC19 Released February 14, 2014:
Changes in V4.4.0.RC19:
- Several minor fixes implemented
- Updated user's manual

Version V4.4.0.RC16 Released January 14, 2014:
Changes in V4.4.0.RC16:
- Auto-select FAT variant are now standard
- Simplified settings interface are now standard
- Support for 12GB and 24GB capacities
- Several minor fixes implemented
- Updated user's manual
- Features removed:
   1. Starting with version 4.4, Ramdisk will not be supported for Windows XP
   2. Save of image file on non-system drives has been made optional

Version V4.3.0.RC1 Released October 1, 2013:
Changes in V4.3.0.RC1:
- Background load now standard
- Bug fixes
- Updated user’s manual

Version V4.2.0.RC18 Released July 1, 2013:
Changes in V4.2.0.RC18:
- Streamlined file save and load settings
- Process "trim" commands to reduce image file size when data is deleted from an NTFS RAMDisk (Windows 7 and later only)
- New option to prevent RAMDisk from starting on boot for testing
- Save Disk Image Now option added to File menu
- Bug fixes
- Updated user’s manual

Version V4.1.2.RC1 Released May 31, 2013:
Changes in V4.1.2.RC1:
- Several minor user interface improvements

Version V4.1.1.RC3 Released May 28, 2013:
Changes in V4.1.1.RC3:
- Several minor user interface improvements

Version V4.1.0.RC24 Released April 25, 2013:
Changes in V4.1.0.RC24:
- Fixes issue that prevents the configuration utility from starting on international versions of Windows

Version V4.1.0.RC23 Released April 11, 2013:
Changes in V4.1.0.RC23:
- Numerous minor bug fixes, improved installation and error handling
- CTRL+S now saves settings properly
- Improved GUI informational messages
- Improved management of options while selecting Load/Save
- Updated GUI to .NET

Version V4.0.5.RC0 Released March 1, 2013:
Changes in V4.0.5.RC0:
- Fixes occasional format errors on 32-bit systems using memory above 4 GB without a load image file

Version V4.0.4.RC2 Released January 22, 2013:
Changes in V4.0.4.RC2:
- Fix installer error 1320 - the specified path is too long
- Driver will now refuse to start if a corrupted disk image is found at startup, preserving the backup file for manual recovery
- Added missing device driver event log messages for better diagnostics
- Fix a blue screen failure on shutdown on some multiprocessor systems
- Fix WMI error reported on 64-bit XP

Version V4.0.1.RC9 Released December 6, 2012:
Changes in V4.0.1.RC9:
- Updated user's manual - Clearer wording in some dialogs
- Fix issues downloading license file with certain Internet security suites installed
- Ensure maximum RAMDisk size is displayed correctly in all cases (freeware version)
- Fix "Invalid Picture, SetGlobals line 66" error when TEMP directory is not valid
- Fix "Windows was unable to complete the disk check" error
- Fix issue stopping and restarting RAMDisk on XP and Server 2003 systems
- Fix WMI error reported on 64-bit XP

Version V4.0.0 Released September 11, 2012:
Changes in V4.0.0:
- Support for Windows 8