Dataram is devoted to effectively and efficiently creating a single-source solution to turn your DRAM based assets into revenue, as well as keeping them from becoming an economic liability. Based upon your needs and objectives, and utilizing our experience and knowledge we can custom tailor a complete excess inventory purchasing solution that is right for you.

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Dataram is a leading independent manufacturer of memory products and provider of performance solutions that increase the performance and extend the useful life of servers, workstation, desktops and laptops sold by leading manufacturers such as Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo and Oracle. Dataram's memory products and solutions are sold worldwide to OEMs, distributors, value-added resellers and end users. Additionally, Dataram manufactures and markets a line of Intel Approved memory products for sale to manufacturers and assemblers of embedded and original equipment. 70 Fortune 100 companies are powered by Dataram. Founded in 1967, the Company is a US based manufacturer, with presence in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information about Dataram, visit