Steps for Investigating a Memory Problem

If you have a problem following a server memory upgrade with a memory product from Dataram:

  1. Ensure that all AC power has been removed from the system during the memory upgrade.
  2. Review Dataram’s installation guide and the system manufacturer’s technical manual for memory configuration rules.
  3. Re-seat all memory modules that have been handled or newly installed during the upgrade process.
  4. Confirm that the latest revision level of the system firmware (BIOS) is installed.
  5. If so equipped, check if any of the memory module fault lamps (LEDs) are illuminated.
  6. Review the “error log” or “event log” for possible clues to the location of any suspect module.
  7. Move the suspect memory module to another physical DIMM location and observe whether the fault follows the module.
  8. Replace the suspect module with a known good replacement memory module.
  9. Contact Dataram Customer Support for assistance.