White Papers

Dataram offers the following white papers for free download. These white papers discuss technology that can be enhanced by using Dataram’s quality memory upgrades, including both theoretical and implemented applications of Dataram memory.

Server Virtualization and Memory: Business and Technical Ramifications

This FOCUS white paper explores the drivers behind the need for increased memory in virtual environments and common memory management techniques used by hypervisors to ensure efficient use of memory, including memory over-commitment, memory sharing, and memory ballooning. It describes the impact of memory on workload performance and increased consolidation ratios. A financial perspective is offered, including cost versus performance trade-offs and a discussion on ROI and TCO. The paper concludes with key benefits and savings, and a FOCUS assessment of the effects of memory on server virtualization implementations.

Chipkill™ Memory: Advanced ECC Technology

Chipkill Memory is a new advanced ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) memory technology that protects systems from any single memory chip failure and any number of multi-bit errors from any portion of a single memory chip. The advantage of Chipkill is that is reduces system downtime and improves overall system reliability.

The Importance of Memory in EDA Tools

This document describes how the design of increasingly complex chips – that can easily occupy 12 to 14 GB of memory for a several million-gate digital design – requires both powerful electronic design automation (EDA) tools and significant computing resources with the installation of a substantial amount of RAM memory. Through extensive interviews with senior design engineers at several of the industry’s leading design firms, the writer explains the high level of importance that RAM maintains when running memory-intensive EDA applications.

Deploying Dataram Memory in Mission-Critical Servers: Practical Issues and Significant Cost Savings

Deploying Dataram memory in a mission-critical data center is a sound business decision. The risks are easily identified and evaluated, and the unique concentration of servers in a central data center makes the logistics of support significantly more manageable than distributed environments. Seeking and obtaining the cooperation of the OEM service provider is an important step, but may not be difficult. A careful business analysis of the additional cost and effort for service of Dataram memory is a worthwhile effort and one that every IT organization should undertake. By purchasing a minimum system configuration when new and adding Dataram memory, or by using Dataram memory for later upgrades, IT managers can create thousands of additional dollars out of the most tightly constrained budget.

An Evaluation of the Effects that Increased Amounts of RAM Memory Have on the Performance of an Engineering Workstation Running CATIA

This document describes how increasing the amount of Dataram memory in a high-performance workstation can significantly enhance its computer-aided design (CAD), drafting and design performance and associated user productivity. The writer shows how dramatic performance improvements of up to 4 to 1 can be obtained by increasing the amount of RAM memory from a small 512MB up to a modest 2GB. In addition to these excellent performance and cost saving productivity results, the time required for installing the Dataram memory upgrade took less than 10 minutes.