Trade Up to High-Capacity Dataram Memory

Trade Up to High Capacity Dataram Memory

Need more memory? Dataram invites you to trade-in your existing memory--and trade-up to reliable, high-capacity Dataram memory upgrades. Our Trade-In / Trade-Up program is ideal for servers and systems that are capacity constrained or have run out of available memory slots.

Why throw away your old memory? Let us offer you a trade-in credit on your existing memory--even if it's not Dataram memory--while we quote you a great deal on new Dataram memory upgrades.

Dataram is renowned worldwide for delivering high-quality, mission-critical memory products and is a recognized lead in price performance.

  • Receive Return on Your Investment
  • Enjoy Savings on Your New Purchase
  • Take Advantage of Better Performance

To get more information on our Trade-In / Trade-Up Program, please contact us.  You can also view or download a pdf version of the program:

Trade-In-Trade-Up Program