Free, Customizable Service Call Support

Dataram’s Service Call Reimbursement (SCR) program is a free, customizable agreement made between you and Dataram. In conjunction with Dataram’s Lifetime Warranty and other support programs, the SCR agreement ensures that the total cost of ownership of a quality Dataram server memory upgrade never exceeds the initial purchase price.

If a system containing Dataram memory requires service as a direct result of that memory, Dataram will reimburse you for the expenses related to that service call.

The Dataram SCR program covers all memory products manufactured by Dataram for use in HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Cisco, Fujitsu and Dell servers and workstations. Details of the service call, including the monetary amount invoiced by the service provider, must be provided to Dataram. Conditions limiting Dataram’s liability under Dataram’s Lifetime Warranty apply. The SCR agreement between the end user and Dataram must be in effect prior to the submission of any service-related claims.