High-Performance, Cost-Effective Memory Solutions for Industry Verticals

Since 1967, Dataram has been a leader in the computer memory industry. We have engineered, designed and delivered memory solutions to 70 of the Fortune 100 companies, most of which have an international presence. These top companies – along with all of our customers – rely on Dataram to deliver high-quality memory solutions that they can count on 24/7 for their most demanding performance and mission-critical applications.

But Dataram is not only a leader in quality memory products. We also have a proven track record of saving our customers money. Our memory solutions deliver measurable improvements in the performance and optimization of our customers’ computing environments – while reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO). We provide our commercial customers with a viable and cost-effective alternative to purchasing memory from the manufacturer of their high-end computing systems, while maintaining the same – and often better – degree of quality, reliability and performance.

Most importantly, in today’s challenging economic climate, we have enabled our commercial high-end computing customers to substantially reduce their enterprise memory costs. Just by switching to Dataram memory products, our commercial customers have saved 50% or more on multi-million-dollar memory budgets – while maintaining or improving service levels and processing capacity.

Dataram offers high-performance memory products and related services to all commercial industries, including customized industry-specific memory solutions. Over our forty-year history, our memory solution teams have developed a broad and deep level of knowledge of specific industry verticals. This approach has given Dataram a distinct competitive advantage within the memory business.

Dataram’s Competitive Advantage

  • Our industry verticals memory solution teams have unique insight into the most memory-intensive and performance-driven applications and system platforms associated with each industry.
  • Dataram’s memory specialists understand how to effectively deploy the most reliable memory solutions that result in substantial performance improvements.
  • Customers within each industry vertical are assigned a memory specialist with expertise in that particular industry. This one-on-one service approach ensures that we can meet the specific needs of each customer and achieve optimal results for their business.
  • Dataram maintains advisory boards within each industry vertical. Each board is made up of experienced senior executives who provide us with strategic advice on how to best serve their particular industry.
  • At the grass-roots level, Dataram also operates performance and optimization computing user groups for a variety of industry verticals. The groups include system administrators and other key support professionals. They provide us with critical insight into their everyday challenges and computing problems so that we can develop the best memory solutions to meet their specific needs.

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