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Advancements in memory architectures and technologies that enable the production of higher capacity modules, reductions in power consumption, or better performance are often initially accompanied with unfavorable prices. A decision to embrace that new memory too soon could be a costly one for your company. Dataram has an alternative that could save your company $100,000 or more.

Historically, new technologies are in short supply and highly priced. We find that prices can fall dramatically in three to six months as production increases and manufacturing costs decrease. To protect you, Dataram offers a program that safeguards your server and memory investments.

Dataram’s Savings Protection Program provides you with full investment protection for up to ninety days. Let us deliver a solution to address your immediate needs today with a roadmap for you to acquire the new technology later, at a more favorable price point. At the heart of the program is the opportunity to receive full credit on your existing memory when you are ready to make that new memory technology purchase.

To take advantage of Dataram’s Savings Protection Program, or to receive more information, please contact a Dataram sales representative:

In North America – 1 800 DATARAM (1 800 328 2726)
                           or email
In Europe – email
In Asia – email

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