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Memory Backback Program

Exclusive and Unparalleled:
The Memory Buyback Program


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 - Receive Return on your Investment
 - Enjoy Savings on your New Purchase
 - Take Advantage of Better Performance


In today’s fast paced technology environments with a continuous demand for faster, better performance and more cost-efficient data centers, companies are faced with challenging decisions. Do you keep your reliable and trusted legacy systems and add more memory, or do you replace these with new servers?

Dataram can help you with this analysis and has memory solutions for either path. If you decide to decommission your older legacy systems, let us buy back
your memory, regardless of the brand. This will give you more spending dollars to work with. If you decide to keep your legacy servers, we can provide you cost effective memory upgrades for those servers, and then apply our buyback when you decommission.

But it doesn’t stop there because utilizing our high-performance, cost-saving memory with your new servers will multiply your savings.

The way it works is that we will give you a dollar credit for your older memory that you can redeem towards future memory purchases with Dataram. So now you’re disposing of your unwanted memory, getting money for it and applying this towards already cost-effective memory solutions for your new environment. A win-win.

For more than four decades, Dataram has been a pioneer in rapidly changing memory technology and the leading manufacturer and provider of leading-edge memory solutions.

Today, Dataram continues to set the standard for performance and reliability, while providing our customers with substantial and meaningful cost savings.

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Memory Buyback Program