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Dataram Health and Safety Precautions Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 20, 2020

Princeton, New Jersey — Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of the technical solutions we provide in keeping the world connected and safe in this unprecedented period. The global Dataram team is fully committed to supporting the Dataram Community (our employees, customers, suppliers and partners), and we are grateful for the continuing trust you place in our business.

COVID-19 has closed schools, offices and businesses in many of our communities. More closures are expected. As a result, many customers are cancelling on-site meetings and working remotely. They find themselves completely overwhelmed dealing with connectivity, networking, and their own continuity plans as their businesses are now seeing more work-from-home employees than ever before.

While Dataram remains “open for business”, we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. The overall safety of the Dataram Community is our top priority. As the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases increased globally, we proactively implemented health screenings and travel restrictions as we believed and continue to believe that the uncertainty surrounding the developing COVID-19 situation warrants applying an abundance of caution.

Dataram Business Continuity
We have activated Dataram’s business continuity, supply chain and risk management processes across our global footprint, and beyond the known affected regions. We will continue to monitor and mitigate identified potential risks through alternative qualified sources.

Travel and Site Specific Health Protocols
Dataram has implemented specialized measures, including travel and health screenings, for all teams and locations. For example, all employees and contractors traveling for either business or personal reasons, by air or sea, from a COVID-19 risk location are required to notify their direct supervisor and human resources. They will not be allowed to return to a Dataram site for 14 days. Day one is counted as the first day after they have returned from the trip.

Visitors to Dataram Sites
External visitors, suppliers, vendors or contractors should not come to a Dataram site. Any meetings should be conducted online or via video conference, or deferred.

Preventative Measures
Dataram began preparing for the possibility of lockdown measures in February. This put us in a good position to adapt as the COVID-19 pandemic situation has evolved. As such, we have taken notably heightened business continuity and contagion prevention measures. These measures include:

  • Deployment of additional protective on-site measures in accordance with our business continuity plans that are based upon localized risk. Some of these measures may include:
       • Screening the health of anyone entering our site for COVID-19 symptoms
       • Providing hand washing materials including soap and disinfectant (hand sanitizer) in restrooms
       • Providing disinfectant (hand sanitizer) at entry locations
       • Conducting social distancing
       • Performing additional cleaning, at least once a day, of common contact areas, including stairwells, elevators, common areas, and door handles.
  • Home working: our sales and support employees are working from home, seamlessly supporting customers thanks to remote working and online collaboration tools.
  • All operations centers in the North America and Asia are open and functioning: extensive health and safety guidelines are in place, including physical separation of staff, restriction of visitors to our facilities, and other practices.
  • Remote solutions for meetings: all face-to-face meetings have, wherever possible, been transferred to remote meeting solutions or deferred.
  • Mitigation of stock and delivery concerns: we continue to work with our suppliers and freight partners to accommodate potential disruptions. Specific to orders, we are finding that in some cases the premises indicated for delivery are closed. We would be very grateful if you could inform your Dataram contact in advance if your facilities are not open, or if there are alternate delivery options that need to be considered. If a delay is anticipated due to supply chain issues, Dataram will communicate this to all impacted parties / persons as soon as known.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dataram has focused on our priorities of protecting the health and well-being of the Dataram community while continuing to deliver the best possible level of service in this fast-changing situation. By working together, we can play a crucial role in helping our communities withstand the challenges of the coming weeks and months and come back even stronger.