IBM BladeCenter HS21 8853 Memory

System Info

  • Total Slots: 8
  • Min. Memory: 1GB (2 x 512MB)
  • Max. Memory: 64GB (8 x 8GB)


Up to 64GB is achieved by populating all four DIMM slots with 4 x 8GB DIMMs and selecting the IBM BladeCenter Memory and I/O Expansion Blade (42C1600) which adds an additional four DIMM slots. Dataram recommends updating to the latest BIOS version (V1.15 or later) for the support of 4R 8GB DIMMs (46C7577, DRIX3650Q/16GB) and Low-Power options (46C74xx, DRIX3650LP/xxx).

Compatible Parts


16GB (2 slots occupied)
IBM Product Number: Not Offered by IBM
(2 x 8GB DIMMs)
DDR2-667, PC2-5300, Fully Buffered, ECC, 1.8V, 240-pin, 2 Ranks

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