HPE Integrity rx2800 i2 Memory

System Info

  • Total Slots: 24
  • Min. Memory: 4GB (2 x 2GB)
  • Max. Memory: 384GB (24 x 16GB)


The base server comes standard with 6 DIMM slots (one 6 slot memory riser, AM246A). Up to 18 additional DIMM slots can be added by ordering up to 3 optional AM246A 6-slot memory risers. Alternate DIMM pairs between memory risers. If both processor sockets are populated, alternate DIMMs between processors. For best performance, all DIMM slots should be populated with the same size DIMM. Must have minimum 4 DIMMs installed to support double chip sparing. NOTE: 2GB DIMMs do not support double chip spare. Anytime 2GB DIMMs are installed in the system, double chip sparing is not supported.

Compatible Parts


16GB (2 slots occupied)
HPE Product Number: AM231A
(2 x 8GB DIMMs)
DDR3-1333, PC3-10600, Registered, ECC, 1.5V, 240-pin, 2 Ranks

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